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The following elements enhances graphology's objectivity as a personality test:

  • Subject is not aware of being tested
  • Independent of subject's background and physical appearance
  • Independent of personal disclosures, unobtrusive
  • Repeatability of the written specimen
  • The act of writing maintains a "newness" each and every time
  • Independent of where the test was taken or specimen written. The assumption is made that the specimen was generated in a non-moving comfortable sitting position.
  • Impossible to forge and significantly alter test without detection
  • Cannot significantly distort writing or know how to maintain a false impression
  • Quantitative measurements for the graphic stroke-structure operational definition
  • Operational definitions repeatable and reliable
  • Absence of test giver and his influence
  • Absence of testing clues as to what answers are desired
  • Separation of test administration and operational definition measurements
  • Separation of operational definition measurements and personality evaluation
  • Separation of personality evaluation from subject's influence
  • Descriptive analysis that does not require knowledge to past root causes or to personality models for evaluation
  • Test validity- can predict behavior with its or any personality test inherent limitations
  • View the macrocosmic personality from the individual microcosmic characteristic traits
  • View the whole personality from individual crystallized gestures
  • Meets all the conditions for a projective personality test


Graphology is a practical and an economical personality test for the following reasons:

  • Minimum effort and only a few minutes for a subject to prepare a written specimen
  • The visual writing is a clearly identifiable form of an expressive movement and probably the most accessible
  • Simple test conditions and tools that only require a comfortable sitting position, table top, writer's choice of pen or writing instrument, and unlined paper
  • Universal test that can be used with respect to special needs or situations such as vocational placement, compatibility assessment, forensic identification, and comprehensive personality description
  • Adaptable to experimental studies and is especially useful for measuring the affects of before, during, and after administrating controlled conditions such as drugs or hypnosis
  • No training required by tester
  • Little training and minimum direction required by the subject, other than knowing how to write and how to generate a written specimen. Normally by the age of ten, a child has mastered the ability to write and is familiar with an alphabet model
  • Simplified personality assessment test in terms of time, means, location, availability, training, education, cross disciplines, and background information
  • The written specimen is a permanent record
  • The written specimen is a simplified record of expressive movements compared to most gestures. For example to permanently capture a speech, voice, hand, or facial gesture requires a movie camera and is time consuming to examine
  • Test data and analyzed results are conveniently stored, cataloged, and copied either electronically or with paper
  • Easy to obtain previous history from past specimens for current assessment e.g.- the onset of the affects of an illness, disease, drugs, age, fatigue, traumatic experience, and situation anxiety. Personality changes of historical figures can be observed.
  • No direct contact required for testee, tester, and examiner
  • Longitudinal studies can be performed retroactively
  • Can utilize only operational definitions. Can easily establish group norms from the graphic stroke-structure measurements
  • The testing situation is not limited in duration such as during an interview or attending an exam. A specimen can be collected at any convenient time.
  • The same unaltered raw data test specimen or test results can be analyzed by team of experts
  • Analyzed and re-analyzed at any time
  • If test is questioned during execution (e.g.- an external disturbance or interruption), it is easy to repeat test without loss of information
  • Can perform follow-up studies using same test method
  • Adaptable to standard statistical analysis and computer utilization
  • A protractor-ruler and a 20X magnifier are the suggested examiner's tools. A high resolution scanner and an electronic writing pad or tablet with a 0.2 mm resolution, one gram pressure sensitivity, and a 100 Hz sample speed can be helpful for special evaluations.
  • Efficient method of an objective self-evaluation for self-improvement. No one else needs to be involved. Can analyze self in stages. The intimate knowledge of others is dangerous, but can lead to understanding and then acceptance and/or adjustment.
  • A simple method to change personality by practicing graphic formations to modify their associated behavioral traits.
  • Flexible for comparison to other psychological tests
  • Adaptable to different personality models

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