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The written specimen portrays personality descriptions and behavior predictions. The following comments include limitations and unique situations:

* The specimen cannot explain the "why" or give the past root-cause for a particular action or condition.

* Since agraphia, degraded or "bad" penmanship, is a result of physiological and psychological causes, negative comments on the quality of penmanship are unnecessary and subjective.

* The text content is irrelevant to the character analysis and is not utilized by the handwriting analyst.

* Controlled writing is a repetitive act that can be used to modify personality by suggesting behavioral traits, but must be performed with great care. Practicing a particular written pattern for twenty minutes each day for thirty days to alter behavior should be carefully monitored.

* There is therapeutic value when a writer destroys a written specimen containing emotionally charged issues.

* A teenager's writing tends to be inconsistent from moment to moment.

* Intuition is defined by Handwritingpro as a sudden insight without apparent evidence or verification, awareness of harmony or lack of, and cognizance of fundamental truths. Intuition is the conscious result of emotional experiences or thoughts. The individual is unaware of the singular thought, the sum of thoughts and the sensory content of memories. Intuition is depicted by the break in connection between letters, the stroke lifts and returns in a different direction. When the break occurs in the upstroke at the baseline or above, the emotional subliminal or subconscious response appears to be involved. When the break occurs in the separation of letters, the thought or experience appears to be involved. When the break occurs to immediately dot the i-stem with an i-dot and cross the t-stem with a t-bar, a detailed memory and a desired plan appears involved, respectively. Intuition can be real or imagined, true or false.

* A unique situation is left-handed children being taught and forced to write with their right hand. As adults when asked to write with their left hand, they appear to temporarily regress to a modified childhood personality similar to the rare Split Personality trait as defined by Handwritingpro.

* Your writing is dependent upon the affects of drugs, disease, situation anxiety, menstruation, electric shock treatment, traumatic experiences, maturity, hypnosis, and fatigue. These conditions modify personality. A hypnotized graphologist, knowing exactly what to modify, should theoretically be able to duplicate another's writing without detection, although handwritingpro is unaware of this type of forgery.

*Handwriting cannot identify the medical problem affecting the physiological function though Handwritingpro's traits of involuntary hesitation, physiological decay and degenerative exhaustion indicate a medical condition affecting physiological energy flow and vitality.

* Your writing is independent of your background and physical appearance. Handwriting does not give causality information on gender, religion, race, color, creed, age, handicap (e.g., sensory, manual, or speaking disability), political leaning, cultural influences, physical strength, natural origin, physical beauty, social economic background, educational qualifications, group status, and financial status. Statistical correlations have yielded various degrees of success and/or failure. Federal District Court-United States v. Hazelwood School District (1976) indicated handwriting analysis meets Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, EEOC, (Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act) requirements as non-discriminatory. But, the EEOC legal counsel in 2001 indicated that there has been no case based on handwriting that discriminate against an individual's race, sex, color, national origin, age and disability.

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