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Graphology is the study of handwriting.  
By analyzing a person's writing, a behavioral profile can be determined to gain insight into physical, mental, and emotional states of the writer. Handwriting reveals the essentials of personality and character. Graphology will help you understand your inner being. 

Examples. Learn how the experts decipher what your handwriting means. 

What does your handwriting say about you? 


Website: Microsoft describes Handwritingpro.com as a resource center for the study of handwriting analysis, graphology, and related personality assessment. Handwriting analysis, graphology, depicts an individual's physiological and psychological functions. The tactile and visually expressive behavior of writing uniquely fulfills the requirements for a projective personality test. Writing involves a complex neural pathway that dynamically integrates perception, motion, and cognition. This website presents a theoretical basis for correlating graphic expressive elements with behavioral traits. Each graphic indicator specifically describes and defines a characteristic behavior. A systematic training approach is suggested by grouping more than 200 traits by their graphic similarities to illustrate their behavioral nuances. Handwritingpro's Working Papers are designed for both the novice and the expert to record and rate handwriting traits prior to a personality analysis. Using the Working Papers is a simple method to evaluate individual traits found in your handwriting. Handwritingpro offers logical reasons why graphology is an objective, practical, and economical personality test. Handwritingpro supplies graphology's legal status and its limitations. Handwritingpro displays more than a 350-book bibliography with a recommended reading list.


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